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Urindian massage with Karina - An essence of sensuality

At the beginning of this massage, the body of the masses to be massaged begins to loosen, relax, and bring into a slightly excited state, with gentle strokes and Spanish elements.

Afterwards the back, neck and shoulders are extensively massaged and refined with Body to Body.

To raise the pelvic floor, a pillow is placed under the abdomen and in this elevated position the urindian massage is made possible.

The masseur can grasp the lingam freely and at the same time give him an intensive intimate massage with stimulation of the thighs and the anal area. If desired, a prostatostimulation can also be carried out.


By these simultaneous stimuli at the Lingam and the anal touch, you experience an extremely intense tension build-up.


This massage is an extended version of the Lingam and also serves as a boost to a "normal" erotic massage.


60 min. - 140 Euro

90 min. - 160 Euro

Holistic massage experience - Aloe Vera Massage

In this special massage you will find through the use of aloe vera gel or oil a relaxing Tantra Wellness Massage with especially nourishing properties. Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant with particularly moisture spendener and regenerating effect.


Initially welcomes the masseuse with Aloe Vera drink, a natural product that can help at the first signs of restlessness. After that, the shared showers for cleaning before the massage begins with a full body exfoliation and a lot of foam.


During the actual massage, tantra typical utensils, such as feathers, skins and hot towels are used, and thus the character of the gentle massage significantly. Delicate touches of the lingam and handles the spa combine relaxation with targeted excitation up to the climax.


To experience the rich facets of Tantra and find a natural handling of your desire and sexual energy. For uniform finale takes place a final common showers.



60 Minuten - 150 Euro 90 Minuten - 200 Euro 120 Minuten - 250 Euro

Romantic Blind Date Massage with Anna

Enjoy with all your senses!


Let yourself be seduced by Anna in a world of pure romance and sensuality. After enjoying a massage in front of the shower to disengage from everyday life, located in the beautiful Anna lingerie in her flooded out of candlelight and rose petals Massage Room.


As an introduction into the atmosphere, an etagere from selected, aphrodisiac delicacies will be served with a glass of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Now you are blindfolded and you may feel like your perception enriched by more feeling rather than seeing, with particularly charming fantasies.


Your body is caressed with ethereal, warm oils and the use of a great deal body to body, allows a persistent tingling on the skin to feel. For perfect end experience the Lingam with delicate and intense massage techniques, which will bring you to a balancing peak.


A shower together to suit your personal massage date is of course included.


60 minutes - 150 euro 90 minutes - 200 euro 120 minutes - 250 euro

Bondage massage with Pia

The sensuous bondage massage is about desire, devotion and trust. It connects the Tantra massage with a light bondage. The hands and/or feets are bound. You are helpless in a way and you enjoy the touches of the masseuse without being able to intervene.


The excitement without even being able to be active, is very stimulating and enables a whole new sensory experiences. They play with numerous elements that produce strong sensory stimuli and thus inspire the imagination.


This form of massage is the ideal offer for connoisseurs who want to feel without detours sizzling sexuality.


60 minutes - 150 euro 90 minutes - 200 euro

120 minutes - 250 euro